Free POS Software 2.0.2

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Free POS Software is a modern POS (Point of Sale) software package especially designed for use by restaurants, bars, clubs, venues, lodges, eateries and other concerns involved in the hospitality industry. Free POS Software is free - this means that there is no purchase price or licensing fee charged for the use of Free POS Software. The only requirement to use Free POS Software is that it be registered. Registration is easy and it's free.

Free POS Software is a multi-user system. This feature allows for the creation of multiple user profiles with selectable roles.

Free POS Software allows for the creation of multiple stock categories. Stock categories are colour coded to allow for easy location on the POS screen.

Free POS Software allows for the creation of multiple inventories. Inventories can be chained together to form a virtual inventory or be cloned or merged into a single inventory. Inventories can be imported and exported to allow for manipulation by other programs, including Microsoft Excel.

Free POS Software supports multiple prices per item. Any item in an inventory can have up to five prices. The stock level of each item is tracked by the system allowing for accurate stock control.

Free POS Software allows for the creation of customer accounts.

Free POS Software supports the following industry standard POS hardware:

A touch screen allows for easy entering of data and sales.
A pole display keeps the customer visually informed.
A receipt printer provides the customer with a printed record.
Two remote printers allow for printing of orders at different locations.
Two cash drawers allow for the use of a single system by 2 cashiers.
A magnetic card reader reads the information off the magnetic stripe that is on the back of a plastic card.
A barcode reader speeds up the sales process.

Free POS Software can be networked to allow for multiple sales points. Free POS Software can, within a few minutes, be reset to work on its own.

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